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Personal profile

My name is Hamza Talic. I am specialized in geodesic engineering and land surveying.

I was born in 1957, in Zenica (Bosnia-Herzegovina) . Zenica is also the seat of ZEDIS Company.

Company profile

ZEDIS Company was founded in 1990. Its activities include geodesic engineering, land surveying and trade

My mission

I established ZEDIS for several reasons. First, it was my wish to respond to the free market economy demands, internationally and locally. Second, I wished to respond to the Bosnian war destruction by active engagement in helping constructors do their job of the country reconstruction in a proper way. My job is to prepare precize input information for them to take into consideration while designing a construction project. I hope you'll get the impression on the quality of my services while scrolling through the rest of my web site.


E-mail: zedis@bih.net.ba

Mobile phone: 066 141 - 432

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